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Does Anyone Really NEED a Housekeeper?

All of my customers have, at one point or another, pondered the question,

Do I REALLY need housekeepers?

The answer is simple to us as we enjoy cleaning for our clients – YES! You need us! But we respect our customers thought process in that you must weigh out the costs (literally and figuratively).

Why hire a housekeeper – I can do it myself!

Most of our customers are busy professionals or families that don’t have the time or don’t want to make the time to clean – they want to enjoy their off time with family and friends, or enjoy some self-care time. Cleaning, while therapeutic for some, is a mundane chore most simply dont want to do after a long day.

The time it takes to clean the entire house often takes longer than heading out with your loved ones on a Friday night to watch that new comedy flick just to come home to a pile of dishes in the sink, your dogs nose prints covering the bottom half of your sliding glass door and your 8-year old sons accident covering the bathroom wall. And for us at Valley Cleaning Service, we want to give you that time back! It’s a small price to pay for the quality time you get to spend elsewhere.

But it is SO expensive!

Fair enough – this is a luxury service that you are purchasing! But in actuality, the price for recurring cleanings (lets say at a biweekly rate) generally cost between $135-165 per visit. We know there are some great cleaners out there who work independently, but hiring Valley Cleaning Service will cut the time taken to clean each visit by far since we send out professionally trained cleaning crews of 2-3 people every visit. We carry all required insurance and treat employees with the utmost respect and fairness, and in turn they are willing to go the extra mile for the company and the customers.

What are some other benefits?

Besides the obvious of having a clean and tidy home, hiring a house cleaning company will reduce:

  • allergens
  • bacteria, illness
  • mold growth
  • deterioration of surfaces from hard water
  • odors in the home
  • pet dander

At Valley Cleaning Service, we simply want to provide you with peace of mind, give you back important family and friend time and reduce a little stress from your week.

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